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zebra curtains

As it is known, curtains are among the indispensable parts of a house. It is a fact that houses without curtains look untidy and very neglected. The decoration of the house is always completed with curtains. There are many types of curtains according to their usage areas. If it is desired to make changes to the house, it is generally started with the curtains first. That's why curtains have an important place. One of the most preferred models is known as zebra curtains.


Zebra Curtains

Zebra blinds also have similar features with roller blinds. The fabrics are laid on an aluminum tube in the same way. It can be said that the zebra blind is a roller blind model. There are only certain preaching differences. 

The way it opens and closes is also the same. The difference of Zebra curtains is that the back part is produced integrated with the batten. Zebra roller blinds, on the other hand, are woven with more dense fabrics. The tulle fabric is arranged in strips at intervals. It is used both as a sunshade and as a tulle curtain. The light transmittance is easily adjusted. 

It is preferred in areas such as children's rooms, kitchens and living rooms. It is also very ideal and practical for daily use. Most people want to know how to wash or clean.

How to Clean Zebra Curtains?

You can have the zebra curtain cleaned in dry cleaning or washing companies. In addition, it can be easily cleaned and washed at home. First of all, while washing, it is foamed with detergent. It is especially important to use hot water. While rinsing, it is necessary to rinse with cold water in order not to spoil the form of the curtain. In addition, care should be taken not to fold the curtain after washing.

Things to Consider When Buying Zebra Curtains

When buying zebra curtains, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the fabric. However, in this way, a long-term use is ensured. It is also very important that it is a whole with the decor of the house or the environment. It is also useful to determine the pattern and color accordingly.