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Roller blinds

Roller blinds are a very practical product in terms of use. It is also long-lasting and quite durable. For this reason, it is often preferred. It basically consists of aluminum material. Fabric is wrapped around a pipe and has a mechanism. The colors and models of the fabrics used vary. In addition, the desired size can be made as a size.

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What is Roller Blind?

The roller blind mechanism can be chain or spring loaded. To close and open, it is necessary to pull the chain. When the fabric is wrapped around the pipe, the curtain opens. When it is released downwards, it swings downwards and the window closes. It is quite easy to use. Generally, 200-300 cm is the most preferred. No matter what fabric is used, roller blinds are also not permeable to light. 

Generally, there are fabric types such as cotton and polyester. All fabrics have black out feature. It is produced in a way that completely prevents light transmission. Shadows and reflections from the outside are completely blocked. In addition, raw fabric is not preferred for roller blind fabric. 

The fabrics are hardened in the special machine and thus brittleness is prevented. The purpose of this is to prevent the fabric from sliding to the right or left while opening and closing. Thanks to this process, the curtains become more durable. It is produced as antibacterial and it is produced as resistant to flame.

What are the Usage Areas of Roller Blinds?

 The usage area of ​​roller blinds is quite wide. It is very preferred in bedrooms as it does not have light transmittance. It is also suitable for use in places such as hotels, offices, meeting rooms. It is possible to see the kitchen and restaurants frequently. Roller blind prices are also wondered by many. There are many factors that affect prices. Details such as size, fabric selection and pattern are especially important. There are models to suit everyone's budget. Quality and durability must be given importance.