"Modern and Classic Curtain Systems"


Screen roller blind is an ideal type of curtain for warm environments where the light is taken the most. Another name is known as sunshade curtain. It is woven in the form of a thin net. PVC coating is applied on a glass fiber. Even if it is closed in this way, it filters the sun all day long and saves in all areas. In particular, it saves heat and energy.


Screen Roller Blind Advantages

Screen roller blind is an advantageous product in many respects. Fabrics are coated on a special polyester. The fabrics used are also specially produced. It is woven with glass fiber yarn. This makes the fabric very durable. It is very effective in stopping the sun's heat. 

It is very important to save energy. The shape of the fabric is absolutely intact. So there are no problems such as wrinkling. It is highly resistant to moisture. No discoloration or deterioration. It is flame resistant. It largely blocks out bright reflections. It does not prevent the outside from being seen. Cleaning is also quite simple.

Screen Roller Blind Prices

Screen roller blind prices vary. There are many factors that affect prices. It can be said that it is a curtain model that is in high demand and especially popular in recent years. Therefore, their prices are more expensive than other classical curtains. In addition, since a special fabric is used and it has a special mechanism, it is a more costly product. It can be used in many fields. It is especially ideal and preferred for rooms such as bedrooms and baby rooms. Price options are also determined by the quality of the product. Everyone can find and buy a variety of products suitable for their budget.