"Modern and Classic Curtain Systems"


This word, which we have heard more often in recent years, is a method of hanging curtains. Curtains are attached to the cornice with rings. It has a very different style and system. The appearance of the rings is very interesting. The rings used are made of metal, wood and other materials. The use of curtains in this way is called rustic curtain. Garden houses, summer houses, chalets are some of the most used areas. It has natural details and has a very stylish and different look at the same time. In fact, it can be said that it is more than a curtain.


Features of Rustic Curtain

Natural pieces and handmade details come to the fore in rustic curtain decoration. It can be made of wicker materials, as well as bamboo or rattan materials. It can be used easily and adapts to any decoration. If the materials used are preferred according to the environment, a more harmonious image can be achieved. Rustic curtains are very common, especially in farms and cottages.

Rustic curtain has been the choice of people who love naturalness from past to present. It is still widely used and has never lost its fashion. The places where furniture, wood, special ceramics and tiles are concentrated also make the environment even more powerful and remarkable information. Since the main purpose is to bring the beauty from nature to the fore, earth tones are preferred a lot.

Rustic Curtain Prices

It is a very good option for those who like different styles. It is also used in private spaces to add a different atmosphere to the environment. Since it is handmade and specially designed, it is generally expensive in terms of price. You can also choose the color and pattern you want. It is also specially designed.

Rustic curtain prices are more expensive than other curtains. This is because it is a special design and has a different style. In addition, it is not possible to find the patterns and models used in every curtain.