"Modern and Classic Curtain Systems"


PVC vertical curtains are generally preferred for high windows. Therefore, its use is generally large spaces. Vertical curtains are also produced from fabric other than PVC. In general, it ensures that the environment is bright. As it is known, it is possible to adjust the light in roller blinds. The same is true for vertical curtains. Light adjustment can be changed according to demand. Those who care about the interior definitely will. 

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Why is PVC Vertical Curtain Advantageous?

Vertical curtains are generally ideal for areas such as schools, workplaces and factories. Curtain is controlled by remote control. Light is allowed to enter or blocked. It is used at the highest level and also acts as a sunshade. These curtains do not require ironing. It will also be sufficient to wipe it for cleaning. In this respect, it provides many advantages. There are many options for those who like different design. It is necessary to choose colors and models in harmony with the general interior.

Width varies according to demand. Its length and width can be adjusted according to the environment. The curtain is the most important accessory of an environment. It makes the interior look more stylish and modern. That's why there are many curtain models. Vertical curtains are very preferred in large areas, especially in recent years. PVC vertical curtains and fabric vertical curtains are among the most preferred. Those who want different decorations can choose these models. Apart from being used mostly in workplaces, it is also possible to use in villa type houses.

How to Clean PVC Vertical Curtains?

PVC vertical curtain cleaning is done by wiping. If you want, you can clean without using any detergent or using cream detergent. As much as possible, bleaching agents such as bleach should not be used. Can damage. Therefore, it is best to do it with only clear water. Dusting the PVC vertical curtains will be enough. Thus, it stays clean for a long time and does not wear out easily.