"Modern and Classic Curtain Systems"


Pleating is a special process. It retains heat and is also suitable for folding. The fabric is 100% polyester fabric. Artificial leather is shaped by folding thanks to the special equipment in it. Crushing is also done. In summary, pleating is the folding and process of fabrics by means of a special device. It is also called the art of folding fabric.

Pleat curtains are highly preferred. It has a very useful structure especially for glass balconies. Apart from curtain making, it is also used for the clothing industry. It is useful to give pleats to clothing products. To make pleats, polyester fabric is needed. It has been used a lot in the curtain industry in recent years. Due to the elegant appearance it adds to the curtains, it is highly preferred. 


Advantages of Pleat Curtain 

There are some advantages of using pleated curtains. These; 

• It is compatible with all glasses. It is suitable for trapezoidal, angled and narrow spaces. 

 • Quality fabrics are used and color options are available. Color selection should be in harmony with the preferred environment. 

 • To use the curtain, you can stop it at the level you want. You can control the light and the sun as you wish. 

• Pleat curtain does not hold dirt and dust. Therefore, there is no need for constant cleaning. Even wiping with a damp cloth will suffice. 

 • It is flame resistant. 

 • It contributes to thermal insulation, this factor is important for energy saving.

It is possible to see the pleated curtain system in many places. It has a unique structure and its appearance is also quite modern.

Where is Pleat Curtain Used?

Since the pleated curtain has a very modern appearance, it is very preferred in places such as office, home, garden. It has a drawstring mechanism. The fabrics, which are generally 2 cm in width, are gathered and unfolded thanks to the threads. It is quite simple to use. The curtain has an up and down movement system. There are stainless laths at the top and bottom.

These slats are also made from aluminum. Adds weight to the curtain. It is very comfortable to use. Standing or lowering the curtain at the desired height varies according to the usage of the person. Today, the use of painful and horizontal curtains has become more frequent. Therefore, pleated curtains have started to be preferred more frequently. Compared to other curtains, it has a different system. It provides many advantages in terms of usage angle.