"Modern and Classic Curtain Systems"

METAL blinds

Curtains are used in many fields today. It has a wide range of use. Therefore, the variety of curtains is also very large. Metal blinds are one of the curtain types that are very easy to use. In addition, there are varieties such as PVC and wood. It is mostly preferred for workplaces. Apart from this, it is not used much at home. It is generally preferred for the kitchen. 

 It is easy to clean. It is also produced as antibacterial. Its longevity is a huge advantage. It is generally used as plain color. Besides modern models, sports and classic models are also available. Jalousie curtain models have many advantages.


Metal Blinds Advantages

The advantages of metal blinds are as follows; 

 • It has a wiping cleaning feature. Detailed cleaning can be done every 2 years. 

• Metal blinds are not affected by light and sun. No fading or deterioration in colors

• It occupies less space compared to curtains with cornices. 

• Plain and plain models look more modern. There are also classic and sport model options. 

• It can be mounted directly on glass or windows. 

 • A single curtain offers both blackout and sunshade features. 

 • In addition to providing protection from sun rays, it also provides benefit.

Prices also vary according to the quality of the product. Non-quality metals can also be used in the selection of metal blinds. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to quality. Prices are generally affordable to suit everyone.

Where are Metal Blinds Preferred?

Metal blinds are very much preferred by architects. It is used as an indispensable part of most spaces. It was used a lot especially in the 1950s and has survived to the present day. With the development of technology, many different models have been produced. Some of the most used areas; Offices, offices, bathrooms and kitchens, summer houses that get a lot of sun, law offices, doctor's rooms and places with intense sun are also preferred. 

If the blinds are used correctly, they will be very long-lasting. When choosing curtains, you must choose a material according to the environment you are buying for.