"Modern and Classic Curtain Systems"


The product variety in the curtain sector is very high. Fabric and tulle curtains, which are among the indispensables of every period, still continue to preserve their place. Apart from these, many models are preferred in the market. The new generation curtain models are in high demand by many people. The new generation curtains are very easy to use. They are also functional products. Fabric vertical curtains, which have been preferred a lot in recent years, have many features. 

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What is Vertical Curtain?

Fabric vertical curtain is the name given to the mechanism curtains, which are obtained by dyeing fabric strips in different colors and patterns and have an image lined up side by side. As the name suggests, it will be ideal for large and high glazed areas, as it has a vertical image. It is generally used in environments such as military institutions, hotels, offices, factories and hospitals. It is also very preferred for homes. 

It is possible to make good use of the sun with the use of fabric vertical curtains. In addition, thanks to the mechanism used, the direction of the sun or how much it should enter can be easily understood. Generally, 89 mm is preferred for width. 127 mm width is suitable. Fabric vertical curtains can be preferred from many fabrics. Therefore, the product range is very wide. You can find different models in the market. It is also very suitable for sloping areas.

Fabric Vertical Curtain Cleaning

One wonders how to clean fabric vertical curtains. In general, cleaning can be done by wiping without the need to remove it. Firstly, after wiping with a detergent solution, rinsing is done. Optionally, a cleaning product that does not require rinsing can also be preferred. It is an easy to clean product. If you wish, you can have your vertical curtains cleaned at regular intervals by dry cleaning.