"Modern and Classic Curtain Systems"


Vertical tulle curtain is one of the most common curtain models today. The way of weaving is like normal curtain fabrics. Vertical tulle curtains can be used for most curtain models. Its image is both beautiful and very active. Vertical tulle curtain has many usage advantages. When the background is combined with the curtain, a very beautiful image is obtained. 

It is very different visually and in terms of practicality. You can think of it as an adaptation of the pattern, color and fabric structure of a background curtain for vertical tulle curtains. Sizes are adjusted according to the area to be applied. It is usually prepared in 3-5 slices. Vertical tulle curtain slices are opaque, no transparency.


Vertical Tulle Curtain Usage Areas

Vertical tulle curtain is also known as smart tulle curtain. Its mechanism is indeed clever. It can be used for any room of the house. Since it is a zebra, it also has a sunshade feature. It is especially preferred in living rooms. Easy to use, looks very nice. It is among the most preferred curtain types. In a single curtain, you can find a sunshade, a tuft and a background curtain together. It does not cause any problems in terms of cleaning and use.  

It is prepared from all background curtain fabrics, according to the person's request. Special production is made on demand. The slices look like a mold and their form does not deteriorate for a long time. When the same mechanism is applied to the normal background screen, it will not be in the form of a vertical screen. Considering these details when choosing is advantageous in every respect.

Vertical Tulle Curtain Prices

Vertical tulle curtain is a very functional product. Its mechanism is different from other zebra or roller blind mechanisms. That's why it's more expensive. Due to the high prices, the usage areas are a little more limited. For those on a budget, it will be a very useful and very stylish curtain.

There are many factors that affect prices. In general, details such as being a special production, the quality of the fabric used, the length and width of the curtain, color selection and pattern are also effective. Everyone can find a model that fits their budget. It would be good to do some market research first.