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Roller Blinds

Fabric Roller Blinds are ready-made curtains produced from imported and local fabric groups. It can be used easily in homes or workplaces and decoratively differentiates the place where it is applied.
Roller blinds come in a huge selection of textures, patterns and colors. Different cuts can be applied to the skirts of these fabrics. Sustone and embroidered skirt models can also be sewn upon request. Roller Blinds are rolled up and rolled up. They are produced with chain control or spring. Although the spring mechanism seems to be easier to use, it is difficult to stop the curtain wherever you want. Cleaning the roller blinds can be done by wiping.


Lightweight Basswood Ramin Wood Perfect functioning Full Closing Easy to Install Perfect Rope locking lock Resistant to sun rays and moisture; Since the earliest times, wood and wood have been the most important decoration material used in spaces. Although wood and wood were primarily used as furniture and flooring materials, our company, which is experienced in this field, has been developed as a wood-wood curtain system by processing the basswood ramin tree, which grows in the rainforests of North America, in the English discipline.


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